Find The Best Veterinarians in Boston City Area

Find The Best Veterinarians in Boston City Area

Finding the right vet is one of the most important decisions for pet parents. A well-equipped veterinarian clinic can handle all types of health issues that pets may experience.

Heal Veterinary Clinicoffers dog and cat owners routine veterinary services in a patient focused setting. The team uses low stress handling techniques and offers onsite diagnostics including X-ray, ultrasound and a full laboratory.

Burlington Veterinary Hospital

This hospital offers dog and cat owners a full range of veterinary services including annual exams, vaccinations, surgery, dentistry, acupuncture, and onsite diagnostic testing. They also offer wellness plans that make pet ownership affordable and convenient.

Heal Veterinary Clinicprovides a comfortable, cat friendly environment and low stress handling techniques for their patients. Their team is passionate about delivering exemplary care for pets and their pet parents.

PetMedic Urgent Care Vet Clinic is modeled after human urgent care and provides coordinated, convenient, and compassionate veterinary care after hours for non-life threatening conditions. The clinic works closely with a network of emergency hospitals for referrals.

Heal Veterinary Clinic

Heal Veterinary Clinic is a full service small animal hospital offering wellness care, surgery, dentistry and specialists. This state of the art hospital features cat only exam rooms and staff trained in gentle animal handling techniques to minimize pet anxiety. They also offer longer appointments for a more thorough understanding of your pet’s health and treatment needs.

Dr. Katherine Wheeler received her undergraduate degree from Colorado College and her veterinary degree from Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. She completed a small animal rotating internship at Angell Animal Medical Center and her clinical interests include medicine (soft tissue and select orthopedics) and surgery.

Old Derby Animal Hospital

Located in Hingham, Old Derby Animal Hospital is a small animal clinic offering routine and emergency vet care. They offer wellness exams and packages, dental services, surgery dermatology, acupuncture, pain management options, mobile vet care and pet boarding services.

They have a cat only exam room and utilize paperless transactions to streamline and reduce stress for their patients. Their staff is trained in low-stress handling techniques and veterinary technicians use a gentle approach to examining animals.

Located inside of the New England Wildlife Center,Odd Pet Vetis the only Veterinarians in Boston MA that serves exotic animals like snakes and birds. The proceeds from the clinic support the wildlife rehabilitation efforts at the center.

Highland Animal Hospital

Highland Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing the highest quality veterinary care to your pets. The hospital offers a wide range of services including wellness care, diagnostics, and surgical procedures. It also provides pet dental care.

Bryce’s inspiration for becoming the veterinarian in Boston MA came from his family dog, a loyal, weird and loving labrador retriever who would sleep in his bed each night. He wanted to share that kind of unconditional love and loyalty with others through his work.

The clinic’s vaccine protocol is based on a variety of factors including geography, pricing structure and doctor preference. They believe in preventing over vaccination to give your pet the best immune response possible.

Parkway Veterinary Hospital

The staff at Parkway Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing comprehensive veterinary care throughout your pet’s life. They offer routine exams, vaccines, surgical services, microchipping, and more. They also perform spay and neuter services to prevent pet overpopulation.

They also accept pet insurance, which can help you save money on unexpected vet costs. They work with pet insurance providers like CareCredit and Scratchpay to offer convenient payment plans.

Dr Stephanie Smith is a small animal veterinarian who enjoys making a difference in the lives of people and their pets. She loves the challenge of solving complex medical cases and delivering exceptional patient care. She also loves exploring north Florida’s springs with her two terriers.

The Boston Cat Hospital

The Boston Cat Hospital was founded in 1981 and is a full-service feline veterinary clinic that offers specialized care for only cats. They offer preventative health services, surgical procedures, dental care, and on-site diagnostics. They also provide boarding and adoption services. Their veterinary staff and volunteers are trained to understand the unique needs of cats.

They accept pet insurance, which can help you save on vet costs for unexpected accidents and illnesses. They also work with treatment financing solutions like CareCredit and Scratchpay to make sure your pet gets the best medical care possible.

Odd Pet Vet

Name a strange pet, and chances are this South Weymouth vet has treated it. The Odd Pet Vet is a thriving practice that offers veterinary care for exotic pets like fish, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, and even birds. It also treats wild animals. Its founder, Dr. Gregory Mertz, has a special empathy for the people who own these unusual creatures.

The clinic operates seven days a week. On the day WBZ visited, veterinarian Lisa Trout saw a stream of appointments. Her patients included a bunny rabbit with dental problems, a green iguana that had to have its claws trimmed, and a sun conure that needed its beak trimmed.